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Alumni Speak
Thursday, February 05, 2004
Name:Rajay Sinha
Dear Jaya,
y'day i visited the website and also checked this page.your introductory write up dt. 23.01.04 was awesome. so cohesive, simple and reasoned. you have not left much to be added by others.

about the prevalent system of education i still remember Sir quoting Chekov(hope i spelled it correctly).cant recall exactly but Chekov (& Sir) wished for a system minus schools--my own understanding is that by school they implied the rigidities associated (as in xyz School of ,say, Art). evaluation system actually makes those rigidities
apparent by over-emphasizing the value of a certain type of skill-set in consonance with those rigidities.

rational and clear thinking constitute another skill-set.i hope you will work hard to develop it further and keep on sharing your views.

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